Legacy and Testament

Herencia y Testamento

ASESOR&Ad, since more than 15 years, working with

Legacy and Testament

The maximum legal protection in inheritance law, requires high expertise to ensure the best results.

En ASESOR&Ad we are specialized in;

– Wills and Estates
– Declaration of heirs
– Partition of inheritance.
– Advice and settlement of inheritance tax.
– Buying and selling of inheritance, etc …


It is an act by which the person dies transmits its assets, rights and obligations to another person or persons designated heirs. The Civil Code provides for various leasehold rights in the Spanish territory with its peculiarities, basically have the inheritance three distinct parts:

– The legitimate part which is subdivided into two others and is reserved for people with whom we vículo family: children, spouses and parents.

– Within this we can distinguish two others: Legitimate Strict (supposed third) and the legitimate Improvement (third)

– Disposable portion, which can dispose and also accounts for a third.

If a will is not granted, the heirs will be appointed in the order established in the Civil Code. To dispose otherwise they must appear before a notary and shall be advised by an attorney experienced in Wills and Testaments.

Always be more advisable to go to a lawyer before a conflict appears, resolve concerns with a professional to write your will and name heirs, thus can resolve possible conflicts arising from the wording before they occur.

Remember that when it comes to distributing a will often unforeseen and it is normal that you want to cover himself. You can be sure that ASESOR&Ad, we valued the best interests of our customers, we solve your doubts, to cover all costs, and clearly indicate the arrangements to be made.

If you see harmed their rights and heritage, always fit the possibility of a challenge, if so please contact ASESOR&Ad to carry out the best possible diligence on your particular case.

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