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ASESOR&Ad, since more than 15 years, working with


The advice of everyday life in companies and other entities conceptualized in the business sphere, not to mention the autonomous or private parties, meeting their specific applications, property management and owners’, and Legal Management and Legal Affairs.


We take care of processing:

  • Couples and Family Conflicts (divorces, alimony, ..), and Gender Violence
  • Floor Clauses Mortgage
  • Dismissals, sanctions, ..
  • Support Detained and quick judgments
  • Transfer Vehicle, registrations, and other actions in DGT
  • Guest
  • Resources and Statements


We undertake to represent our client in any actions (or virtual) as may be required by law or by activity, such as (among others):

  • Constitution and registration in public administration
  • Management of licenses and / or authorizations required
  • Presentation of quarterly taxes and / or annual documentary processing of customers and / or suppliers ….
  • the Legal Consulting, Accounting and Management Areas
  • Independent Experts, highlighting our intervention in recent days as internal in companies.


We offer a complete advisory service for freelancers nationwide. “Specialists Estimates for Modules”.

Rely on professional associations in order to become a successful entrepreneur. We will help you.

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Annual Tax Return

We take care to make your tax return and answer all your tax questions.

Checking, modification and presentation. Special service for freelancers and individuals.

Legacy and Testament

Handyman clearance, Declaration of intestate heirs, Disinheritance

Wills, Impeachment, revocation and cancellation of the will.

Labor Advisory

Labor and advice, Preparation of contracts, high casualties, payroll and social security.

Proceedings before the S.E.M.A.C. Business outsourcing.

Justice Advisory

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