Tax, labor and accounting advice

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ASESOR&Ad, since more than 15 years, working with

Tax, labor and accounting advice

The experience allows us to listen to the needs, thoughts and desires that we can express the client, and mold them until their adaptation for efficient, effective, legal and profitable management.

Launched this, we take care to represent our client in any actions (or virtual) as may be required by law or by activity, such as (among others):

-Constitution And registration in the Public Administrations

-Management Of licenses and / or authorizations required

-Presentation of quarterly taxes and / or annual documentary processing of customers and / or suppliers ….

And all accompanied by such other activities and / or actions that we required or necessary, in the various areas (such as strategic, operational and enterprise resources, ..) and areas (such as tax, labor, accounting, ..).

Without leaving behind those actions that require us by individuals, as (by way of example):

Transfer Vehicle and those in need in the DGT

-Wills and Estates, extraordinary claims

-Resources, …., besides:

  • Pre and Statements of Income and Wealth, ultimately passing back if applicable.
  • Pre statements and other taxes and / or duties
  • Activities Probate and Inheritance Contracts
  • Everything about the, Family, Marriage, …

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