Porperty Administrators


ASESOR&Ad, since more than 15 years, working with

Porperty Administrators

As Chartered Property Administrators,

  • They are among our competencies:
    • Monthly exposure ratio Movements / s account / s of the Community, stating the current balance of this / s account / s (for that, not surprisingly, our company will strictly control the various movements that have proceeding conducted mainly to verification).

    • Constant claim to homeowners who have amounts outstanding.

    • Legal assistance (including initial approach procedures).

    • Preparation, call (since that draft and circulate) and assist all Meetings owners deem necessary (if none are proposed (as always prior making contact with those responsible for the Community will be held) usWe take care to make those legally necessary, after consultation and acceptance by the President)

    • Maintaining a telephone Guards, to serious situations that occur outside of normal business hours.

  • But above all we demand NO have competence in:
    • Account Banking Community, since there require at least double signature; NO we manage any monetary amount in cash.

    • Exclusivity to any company maintenance, cleaning, …. what serves us not try to change those services that work correctly (If something works, keep doing it); if we indicate that we have a great team of professionals who, if necessary, could make services in that community provided they are accepted by the responsible person assigned by the Community (Besides, anyone who wants to can get in touch he understands entities can perform the same service).

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