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Labor Advisory

The proper management of human resources is a strategic element of the company, and is one of the most sensitive areas in any organization, so it is essential to correctly choose the professional provider of this service to reduce risk and avoid unnecessary tension in the company.

ASESOR&Ad has not only the best technical human resources and labor management, but also with the best specialized in labor law, with personalized attention and thorough study of each situation attorneys.

Our mission is to ensure thorough compliance by the company of the rules on labor and social security matters, by examining labor contracts and other documentation, and proper preparation of payroll, social insurance and other documents, using all the bonuses and other benefits in terms of trading and contracting.

Our services job counseling, include, among others, the following:

  • Representation of the company before all official agencies.
  • Registration of companies in the Social Security.
  • High – Low self-employed.
  • Social Security affiliations.
  • High and Low of workers.
  • Payroll Management workers.
  • Work contracts and extensions.
  • Representation of the company before the labor mediation and conciliation.
  • Making Social Insurance.
  • Certificates company.
  • Accidents at work.
  • Retirement and disability.
  • Quarterly income tax declarations.
  • Model 190 annual income tax summary.
  • Certificates of income and withholdings for income workers.
  • Support for labor inspections.
  • Acts of conciliation and judicial procedures.
  • Representation to the different labor organizations.
  • Consulting in collective agreements.
  • Records of employment regulation.
  • Consulting in occupational risk prevention.
  • Advice and assistance benefits.

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